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How we started

It was Kathy's idea to try to reduce our foot print on the environment so we began researching the cost of solar.
We saw an article in the "Providence Journal" talking about this company called "Solarwrights" and the owner Bob Chew.  Well we called Bob Chew and he came over to discuss Solar Generated Power.  Below is the system we agree to have installed in the Summer of 2005 

The project entails installing 45 Kyocera 187G High Efficiency Multicrystal Photovoltaic  Modules on the main house roof connected to (2) FRONIUS IG4000 inverters and 10 Kyocera 187G High Efficiency Multicrystal Photovoltaic  Modules on the garage roof connected to (1) FRONIUS IG2000 inverter.  It will be a complete system and all components necessary to make it fully operable will be included including: 

Installing the Fronius IG DatCom equipment to the Inverters

Installing a new inside residential electric meter between the inverters and the new electric panel

Having Narragansett Electric switch the exterior electric meter with a meter than reads when the meter spins in reverse

This system is a 10,285 kW/DC system and an 8.9 kW/AC system and will produce approximately 13,000  kW/hrs per year. 

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